Area law enforcement alerting residents of telephone scam

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The Charleston Police Department and the Charleston County Sheriff's Office are alerting residents of a new telephone scam.

Officials with Charleston police say they have taken two reports of a person identifying themselves as a sergeant or captain in the "warrants division" of a local law enforcement agency. Police say the caller then tells the victim that they had missed a court hearing and that they now have a warrant for their arrest.

According to police, the caller tells the victim they either have to pay a fine over the phone or be arrested. Authorities say the caller then tells the victim to give them their debit or credit car number to take care of the payment over the phone.

Police say the caller also uses police jargon such as reading the person their rights over the phone.

The Charleston Police Department says if you receive any of these calls, don't give any personal or financial information, hang up, and if you are able to get their telephone number from Caller ID, report it to your local law enforcement agency.

For additional informational information on ID theft and fraud prevention you can go to, select the crime prevention page and click on list of documents.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office says they have also received reports of individuals claiming to be a lieutenant or captain with the sheriff's office calling residents and telling them that they have to pay a fee or go to jail.

The sheriff's office says anyone receiving calls from individuals representing themselves as a member of the Charleston County Sheriff's Office or law enforcement trying to collect money, should not conduct any transaction, write down any numbers or information and report it to your local police or to the sheriff's office at (843) 202-1700.

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