Lowcountry kids get the chance to perform under the big top

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Every child loves to go to the circus, but to be in the circus is even more special.

A local camp at the Jewish Community Center is giving kids the opportunity to learn professional skills and show off what  they have learned to a packed audience.

"It's very exciting and kind of nervous at first," said Lily Kozlowski."But once I get into it, it's not nerve wrecking."

This is only the second time the act has come to Charleston.

Every year the show is different and caters to the skills of the kids which range in age from 5 to 12.

Some of the campers were just spectators for last year's performance, but this year they are part of the act.

"It was amazing, so I just wanted to give it a try," Ben Smilowitz said.

The camp is the brainchild of Bruce Pfeffer who has been a performer for most of his life. He says now he spends time traveling the country going to schools, YMCAs and community centers like the JCC teaching kids.

"This is a life altering event for the kids," Pfeffer said."They will never forget this."

Jared Wilder, 8, says it's been a change like no other. To be able to fly high on the triple trapeze.

"It's scary you have to be upside down for 20 seconds," Wilder said.

The kids have practiced more than 10 hours during the week giving their all as they get closer to the big opening night under the big top.

Kylie Beylotte says being a part of the circus has been plenty of hard work along with a lot of bumps and bruises.

"It's exciting," said Beylotte."I fell once or twice, slipped and got some bruises but its pretty good though."

The circus of the kids performances are open to the public with shows Friday at 10:30 a.m. and 2 p.m.

For tickets log onto www.circusofthekids.com

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