‘F’ to ‘A’ in one year, Lincoln Middle-High excelling

‘F’ to ‘A’ in one year, Lincoln Middle-High excelling

Federal report cards were released Thursday and one Charleston school moved from an "F" to an "A" in one year.

District officials say it's a huge milestone for Lincoln Middle-High School.

"Shocked, we knew we made progress, we knew we did the work to see progress, but an "A" was over the top for us," said Lincoln Middle-High Principal Dr. Yvonne Commodore.

Dr. Commodore says she believed in the students and knew they could do the work.

"We looked at the data and noted exactly where our students needed help and we worked in those areas to make sure their growth was attained," said Commodore.

Their federal report card score of a 93.2 took many things into account like standardized tests in math, science, social studies, English and high school graduation rates.

In her four years as principal, Dr. Commodore said the school has worked hard on literacy. Now the spotlight is on another subject.

"Math, we're going to focus in on math like we did the rest of the work that we had to do to get to this point," said Commodore.

The state's second largest school district has shown improvements in English and language arts and like Lincoln, the district will have a laser-like focus on math.

Superintendent Dr. Nancy McGinley said, "That means equipping our teachers with the resources and training they need to be better and more comfortable with teaching math."

Dr. McGinley says all elementary schools will get new text books this year for math. She says it's a book the teachers prefer.

"I am hoping that the fact that the teachers have selected this approach to teaching math will mean they will be more comfortable and more confident to help our youngsters acquire the math skills they need for the new common core standards," said McGinley.

Dr. Commodore's advice is that it will take a group effort to continue their upward success.

"It takes the community, the parents, the teachers, the faculty, the staff, everyone working to make this happen. Everyone has to give their best," said Commodore.

This year Charleston County maintained a federal report card score of a "B." The score dropped from an 89.1 to 83.2. The county's grade is ranked 37th in the state.

As mentioned in a previous report, all Lowcountry school districts received lower federal report card scores this year.

Visit the website for the State Department of Education to look up grades for districts and individual schools.

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