Officers use high tech tool to re-create crime scenes

Officers use high tech tool to re-create crime scenes

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The North Charleston Police Department is using a high tech tool to re-create crime and accident scenes.

The mapping tool looks like a mounted camera and has two poles.

The poles mark so called points of evidence.

"If it were a collision scene, it would be tire tracks, skid marks, that type of thing," explained North Charleston Police Lt. David Singletary.

The tool is also used to map evidence at murder scenes, including the triple murder at Cycle Gear last month.

"This more or less encompassed the whole scene. It kind of got us to wrap our arms around the entire scene. It gave us a better picture of actually what took place," Singletary said.

Mapping the scene is just one part of the process.

Back at the office, Master Patrol Officer Mike Kirkland downloads the evidence points onto a computer.

"Once we get that done over here, to draw and start basically connecting dots," Kirkland said.

The officers fill in the blanks, eventually passing on the information to investigators and families of victims.

"It not only gives them an answer as to what happened. It also gives us the answer to what happened. It gives us a better picture of what happened," Singletary said. "Once you get that full picture, it's like a puzzle. Everything comes together and it's right in front of you."

It's hard, high tech work police say has paid off, helping lead to arrests and convictions in court.

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