Mount Pleasant Council considering law banning all electronic devices while driving

Proposed ban on electronic devices while driving

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Driving while talking on your cell phone could soon be illegal in Mount Pleasant.The town council is looking at a ban on all electronic communication devices if you're behind the wheel.

If passed, the ordinance would make it illegal to use any electronic device while driving, including GPS devices, and cell phones unless it's hands-free. The law would carry a $50 fine, but if you cause an accident while breaking the law, the fine jumps to $200. However, it would not result in points on your driver's license.

Councilman John Burn plans on voting for the hands free law.

"It's a little more intrusive than I would like, but I don't think it's realistic to do anything other than hands free," said Burn.

Most people agreed with the proposed ordinance.

"Anything that is a distraction should be prohibited," said John Willingham.

"People are already reckless drivers," said Jennifer Rebl. "I think if we are hands free, we'll be more prone to pay attention to the road and less people will be [hurt], less injuries.

However, some said it could get confusing if only Mount Pleasant has a hands-free ordinance.

"It would just be difficult logistically," said a tourist visiting from Florida."You need to just have one set of rules."

"Then you should just take it to the next county, you should just hit county after county after county," said Rebl.

The hands-free law would not apply to people who are parked, or using their phone to dial 911 and other emergency numbers. It also would not apply to police, firefighters, or EMS workers who are on duty while using their phones and driving.

Tuesday, August 13, will be the final vote on the hands-free ordinance. Burn said he thinks it's going to be a close vote.