SLED: Servers housing DUI breath test videos have been restored

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Officials with the South Carolina Law Enforcement Division say servers, which store videos of DUI suspects taking breath tests, have been fully restored.

SLED officials announced on Wednesday that the Implied Consent servers were restored after a lightning strike in July had damaged the servers which attorneys say may have caused delays in the prosecution of DUI cases. It was a story we brought to you first at Live 5 News.

According to SLED, all of the test records and videos affected by the power outage are now accessible, and no files were lost.

The law requires breath tests in DUI cases to be videotaped. It's often used as evidence in court by prosecutors and defense attorneys. Defense lawyers and their clients use a special password to have access to the videos on SLED's website.

At the time of the incident, Charleston defense attorney Tim Kulp said if there was no access to the videos, we may have seen defense lawyers try to get their cases delayed or dismissed.

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