People flock to stores for tickets in $425M Powerball

$425 million dollar Powerball: People flock for a ticket

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Hundreds of millions of dollars are just a lucky lotto ticket away. Linda White said she couldn't resist the amount of money at stake.

"When it gets up high, I play more," said White.

Some left it up to chance, letting the lotto machine pick their numbers. Others chose a number special to them.

"Our anniversaries," said Nell Allen. "Numbers like that."

"Today, I am picking my own numbers, seeing if I have any better luck," said White.

What would they do with all that cash?

"A new BMW M5, a T-Rex [three wheeler], a couple of boats, some jet skis, and four wheelers," said Jewel Mills.

"I would just have a ball," said Allen. "Then just spend it!"

I can think of more than $400 million reasons for playing the Powerball. But, when I asked other people what they would do with the money, the most common answer was using it to help others.

"I would give some to the Daughters of the Nile," said White. "To help the cripple children."

"I would go to other countries and do a lot of nursing," said Brian Baker. "Mission trips and stuff like that."

Baker and his girlfriend, Jewel Mills, were picking their numbers and playing Powerball together. While he says he would still work if he wins, she had another plan.

"As much money [that] is up for grabs, I don't think I'd want to work again," said Mills.

Some bought one ticket, others as many as they could afford. Allen is buying five tickets today. She said she's feeling lucky.

People said they knew chances were slim, but that didn't matter.

"You never know, if you don't play you can't win, that's for sure," said White.

Lotto machines were down briefly this afternoon, disappointing ticket seekers and store clerks. As the Powerball sat at $425 million dollars, some people clamored to stores for a ticket, only to be told the lotto machine lost its signal and they couldn't buy any.

Lotto officials said machines lost their signal in parts of Charleston for about 15 minutes due to a storm in Chicago that knocked it out. Although the signal was only out for minutes, some retailers had trouble re-setting their lotto machines, so they were out of service for more than an hour.

Once lotto machines were up and running again, stores continued to see steady sales for Powerball tickets.

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