Myrtle Beach-based reality show films in Charleston

Myrtle Beach-based reality show films in Charleston

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Some of our northern neighbors are in town for some reality television. Part of the cast and crew of TLC's Myrtle Manor is filming in Charleston.

While the story lines for the second season are top secret, we did catch a glimpse of two of the show's stars. Joshua Gainey is a big fan.

"Great show, simple reality show, showing what people are really about. That's North Carolina, South Carolina too. Both states, same kind of people, just good old country folks."

Myrtle Manor debuted earlier this year. On Friday, part of the cast and crew filmed on North Market Street at Mad River Bar & Grill.

"We were very excited," says Andrew Zuccarini, the manager at Mad River Bar & Grill. "It's great exposure for us. This show has large fan base, especially within this geographic area."

Charleston has gained more fame with shows like Army Wives and Reckless using the city as a backdrop, and there is talk that MTV is scouting out the city for a Real World season.

An advocate for the film industry says entertainment production pumps hundreds of-millions of dollars into many businesses, small and corporate, like hardware stores, caterers, hotels, and restaurants.

"We, personally, in my business view it as a good thing, and the city itself is certainly making adjustments to accommodate the social and economic boom we are seeing within the past year-and-a-half, two years," says Zuccarini.

Some College of Charleston students, who say they enjoy reality television in small doses, believe Charleston will maintain its reputation as a charming, southern city. Others aren't too sure.

"It wouldn't be negative because it would be how they're acting not how our city is."

"Reality TV shows often have a lot of negative connotations with them, so it just depends what they're displaying."

The second season of Myrtle Manor will debut in 2014.