Vietnam veteran rebuilds after fire

ADAMS RUN, SC (WCSC) - Friends and neighbors came out to help a Vietnam veteran who lost his home and his truck in a fire in July.

John Boineau had just finished mowing his lawn and went inside of his mobile home, when he got an unexpected visitor.

"I got a knock at the door and somebody said, 'your house is on fire'," said Boineau.

The fire started in the garage, and quickly spread to his home and truck.

"No way you could live in it," said Boineau.

"It's gone," said Joyce Southwell, looking over the fire ravaged rubble. "I mean, I don't think it can be salvaged."

Boineau has had bad luck with fire. Years ago, he bought a house that had been in his family for years. It went up in flames in an electrical fire. He started over and bought the mobile home. Now, he's hurting again.

"My brother lives next door," said Boineau, pointing to his temporary housing. "I am staying in that little cottage right there."

Boineau spent 24 years in the military serving his country and helping others. Now, he's depending on others. Friends, family, and neighbors came together to show their support.

"I came all the way here from Big Jim's Island," said Southwell.

They gave whatever they could.

"You know I can't do much but I will give him moral support, maybe bring a jug of tea and some cookies," said Southwell.

Pies pizza in Ravenel pitched in too.

"There is enough pizza right here to feed an army, and I have enough help right here to move an army," said Boineau.

Today, he's salvaging what hasn't turned to ash, and hoping for the best.