Girl won't have to testify after dad pleads guilty to killing mom

Girl won't have to testify after dad pleads guilty to killing mom

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Family members of a woman stabbed to death by her husband allowed him to plead guilty to a lesser charge to avoid putting his six year old daughter on the witness stand.

Thirty one year old Chesley Black was scheduled to go on trial for murder later this month.

On Monday, Black pleaded guilty to voluntary manslaughter and received a 25 year prison sentence.

Charleston county sheriff's deputies say in September 2011, black stabbed his wife Amanda Kalman in front of his four and two year daughters and left Kalman to die in their West Ashley home.

Deputies say the older daughter witnessed the deadly attack and was supposed to testify in Black's murder trial.

The victim's family agreed to the plea to keep the now six year old from having to testify against her father.

"I think he should have gotten life in prison, but sometimes you have to make some really big compromises for your children," said Lucy Forest who is Kalman's mother. "We didn't want to have her go through any more counseling or even worse, getting on the stand and testifying against her father and not being able to say anything."

Experts say even though black will be behind bars for several years, his now six year old daughter will continue to feel the effects of the deadly domestic violence against her mom.

"Because she'll remember, and children are the silent victim in what we do, because they as a rule don't have any control over the situations they're in," said Elmire Raven, executive director of My Sister's House, a shelter for abused women.

Chesley Black will have to serve a little more than 21 years of his sentence before being eligible for release.

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