Report: Caretaker goes on shopping spree with dead woman's credit card

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A 48-year-old caretaker is accused of going on a shopping spree using a credit card he allegedly stole from a woman who had just died.

The Charleston Police Department arrested David Anthony Babb on Monday and charged him with financial card fraud and theft.

Babb's arrest stems from an incident that was reported last month.

On the afternoon of July 22, police responded to a home on Ripley Pointe Drive in reference to fraud. An officer met with a woman who said that someone had made fraudulent charges on her deceased aunt's credit card.

The woman told police that she had accidentally left the card at the victim's home where she and Babb were the only ones who had access to the residence.  According to the woman, the card was first used fraudulently on June 8, a day after her aunt died.

A police report states between June 8 and 12, there was a total of $200 worth of charges from a grocery store, hardware store and gas station.

Police say between June 7 and July 18, $940 was charged to the card at a local business.

According to investigators, on July 12, someone had made a minimum payment order on the credit card and fraudulently signed the order with the deceased woman's name.

An incident report states Babb lived with the victim and was paid to medically care for the victim.

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