Construction continues on Market Street drainage project, expect delays

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Construction is moving along on the Market Street drainage project in Downtown Charleston.

Drivers should expect delays starting over the weekend and lasting through the New Year.

Two months ago the historic district was under water after torrential rains flooded the area.

Crews will be doing work on manholes at several intersections along Market Street. This is only to make way for more construction in coming weeks.

The work this weekend will happen where Market intersects Anson, State and Church Streets.

The areas could be closed for short periods of time, but two-way traffic will continue without a problem along Market Street.

The work is needed to ensure there is nothing in the way for future construction starting September 2nd.

Crews will then start digging an 8x8 foot hole at State Street and on the following week, they'll start on Church Street.

The holes will allow drop shafts to be installed from November to January of next year.

Steven Kirk a senior engineer on the project said, "The city's got lots of drainage projects going on. This is one major project that we have of many. We are working our way through our project list and will hopefully have the issues on Market Street solved within the next few years."

Crews are currently working in a hole at the end of Market Street that is 140 feet deep. Kirk says it will connect to two other drainage tunnels underneath Concord and Market Streets.

Construction currently going on now is phase two of a three phase project.

Phase three will quickly funnel water off the streets into the drainage tunnels below.

The city is looking to start phase three within the next two to three years.

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