Summerville council approves extension between Weatherstone, Palmetto Park

Summerville council approves extension street between Weatherstone and Palmetto Park

SUMMERVILLE, SC (WCSC) - During a heated meeting Wednesday evening, Summerville Town Council approved a controversial street extension in the Weatherstone subdivision.

The plan will connect Avonshire Drive to North Palmetto Street.Homeowners on both roads are concerned drivers will use the road as a bypass between Interstate 26 and Highway 78, bringing more traffic and danger to their neighborhoods.

Mayor Bill Collins and council members say the connecting street willB increase public safety, especially during emergencies that would require people to evacuate.

"The main reason is for safety, for the police and fire department to have at least two entrances and exits to either subdivision," explains council member Kima Garten-Schmidt. "Right now, for each subdivision, there is only one."

However, residents tell Channel 5 Weatherstone has two entrances.

Steve Wilson has lived on North Palmetto Street his entire life. He says he had no idea the plan was this far along.

"I'm a little concerned why there wasn't a little better announcement put forward. Nobody, that I know of, on my side of town, the old neighborhood, none of them heard about it, and I contacted as many as I could today."

Council members say the extension will not be obvious, and it will be more convenient for the people who live on both sides of it.

"I think, mainly, the people who are going to use it are the people that are in those two neighborhoods to get to one way or another faster," says Garten-Schmidt.

Town officials say a timeline for construction has not been finalized. The next step will be to find a contractor for the job.