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Gamecocks fans preparing for what could be best season ever

Sir Big Spur IV sits atop his coop Sir Big Spur IV sits atop his coop

"This is a standard, normal-sized, Old English, black-breasted Red," said Ron Albertelli. 
Or, as most know him, Sir Big Spur, IV. His daddy just retired.

"He's looking forward to his first football campaign so, he's not too sure what to expect but he's looking forward to it either way," said Albertelli, who is Sir Big Spur's handler.

The rest of Gamecock Country is more than ready. The ticket office says so.

"This past Monday we sold more than 15,000 single game tickets, which is the biggest single day ticket sale we've ever had," said Charles Bloom with USC Athletics.

Florida and Clemson tickets are long gone. Why?

Because this is the year, said super fan Phillip Graham at Garnet and Black Traditions.

"Well, you look at the way it's setting up, you've got two experienced quarterbacks, probably the best defensive line in the country, the best defensive player in the country," Graham said.

Gamecocks Defensive End Jadaveon Clowney certainly put South Carolina on the map. And the national media boys have had a fun time playing "Will he or won't he?"

He will, by the way.  So said Coach Steve Spurrier after practice Wednesday morning.

"Clowney's lookin' good," he said. "He's going to play against North Carolina. Get the word out to the national media boys."

We don't have to, coach. They know.  Everyone does. Now they just have to see if the team will win.

"Time will tell," said Albertelli. "We'll see how it turns out, but we've got a really good shot at a great season."

One thing is for sure: A sold-out crowd and one rooster will be there to find out.

Tickets for the general public go on sale Monday. You should allot a few minutes if you're going to try to call in, the lines may be busy.

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