Charleston Farmers Market closed on Saturday

(Photo: MGN Generic)
(Photo: MGN Generic)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - City officials say the Charleston Farmers Market in Marion Square will be closed on Saturday, Aug. 17.

According to officials, because of the saturated ground from recent weather and possible inclement weather, the Marion Square-based market will be closed on Saturday.

This is not the first time this week a downtown "market" had to shut down due to weather.

On Thursday, vendors at the Charleston City Market were forced to close up shop early following rain earlier that day. Vendors started clearing out at 2 p.m., after a management ordered a mandatory shutdown to avoid possible flooding.

But to be cautious, the outside of buildings were lined with sandbags to keep out potential rising water. Eventually, all vendors packed up their sandbags and merchandise, even though some wanted to stay.

"I was having a good day," said Ron Slanga, who sells handmade rings in the market. "There were a lot of people here, it wasn't raining so I was kind of lollygagging about closing mine too."

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