TX man builds custom 'Bat Car'

A Texas man builds "batmobile-like" vehicle. (Source: KHOU/CNN)
A Texas man builds "batmobile-like" vehicle. (Source: KHOU/CNN)

KINGWOOD, TX (KHOU/CNN) - A custom car in Texas is turning heads, and it's no wonder.

John Salazar said it took a year and a half to transform a Corvette into the custom made creation he calls "The Bat Car."

Salazar has built all types of cars in his spare time.

This time around, he said he was looking for a challenge like never before.

"To me, the top of the hill was building some type of a bat car," Salazar said.

He said it's taken many tedious hours to tweak every little detail inside and out.

"Blood, sweat and tears, lots of blood, literally, where I cut myself and it dripped into the car," Salazar said.

Salazar's 11 and 13-year-old daughters have taken a special liking to this custom made creation.

Eleven-year-old Megan Salazar said her classmates think it's pretty cool when her dad drops her off at school.

"They say, 'whoa' - it's pretty awesome," Megan said.

Salazar said he's hoping to turn all of the attention toward a good cause. He'll be showing off the car at a benefit for cancer research over the weekend.

"The best part of having the car is being able to give back," Salazar said.

KHOU asked Salazar what it could cost an eager buyer to drive off in the car.

"I would've made more money working at McDonald's than I'll ever make off the car. It's a labor or love," Salazar said.

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