Students residing at water park due to dorm room shortage

Capital University will temporarily house students at a hotel at a water park. (Source: WBNS/CNN)
Capital University will temporarily house students at a hotel at a water park. (Source: WBNS/CNN)

COLUMBUS, OH (WBNS/CNN) - A high demand for on-campus housing will leave some college students in Ohio living in hotels rooms temporarily.

But the Capital University students aren't staying at just any hotel - they're being housed at a water park resort.

The Fort Rapids Indoor Water Resort will soon become a temporary dormitory.

"We're trying to make it as fun and as safe and engaging for the students as we can while they're there," said Nichole Johnson, a spokesperson for Capital University.

Capital says the situation came about due to strong enrollment and high demand for living on campus.

"When you look at what your options are, you can either increase the number of beds that you put in each residential space, or you can convert some storage spaces or some student lounges into temporary housing," Johnson said.

The school says it felt Fort Rapids would be a better option until more beds open.

Capital says it typically sees about 50 beds become available in the first two to three weeks after classes start.

Until then, about 30 students will be calling the resort home.

"They have suites that are similar to our suite-style living that we offer, and they were willing to step up and help us," Johnson said.

The university will offer shuttle service between campus and Fort Rapids so students don't have to worry about making the five-mile trip on their own.

"We're also going to have a full-time member of our residential and commuter staff live there while they're there," Johnson said. "So, it's really going to be the same, to some extent, experience that they would have at a residence hall here on campus."

Students are expected to find out next week if they will be assigned to stay at the resort.

Those who do have to live off-campus will get at least one perk for their trouble - free access to the water slides.

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