Mosquitoes multiply, experts offer tips to "fight the bite"

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - After all the rain, pools of water are quickly becoming breeding grounds for mosquitoes. Charleston County Mosquito Control was out spraying Monday.

Pest control professional Mark Marenakos says there isn't too much to like about mosquitoes.

He says his team can create a kind of "mosquito fence" around a yard that will kill the ones on the property and keep more from coming in. The treatment lasts four to eight weeks.

"It not only knocks out the mosquitoes that are, say, on your property, but then the ones, say, next door, that would tend to come in also get killed," explains Marenakos, the owner of Advanced Termite and Pest Control in West Ashley.

Marenakos says, while spraying standing water for larvae is effective and necessary, he says you really have to hone in on where mosquitoes make their homes for good.

"Under porches, foliage, vertical surfaces, tree trunks, things like that. They're very sensitive to UV light. They're poor fliers, so they like to stay out of the wind. They have a lot of predators, so they like to hide out from them."

He says with all the rain coming down, business has been up.

"It's a source of joy, in a sense, because we really have been able to help a lot of people," says Marenakos.

Professionals say mosquitoes are comfortable even in 50-degree temperatures, and they really don't go into hibernation until January.