SC Senate District 42 candidate asking party chairman to resign

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Maurice Washington, a Democratic Senate District 42 candidate is asking his own party chairman to step down.

Washington is in a runoff for Robert Ford`s old senate seat. He's one of two democrats in the race and is angry with Charleston County Democratic Party Chairman Richard Hricik.

Washington claims Chairman Hricik has been sending emails urging people in district 42 not to support his candidacy.

One of the emails presented by Washington paints him as a supporter of the Republican Party.

Washington held a press conference Wednesday in front of his home. He said he's had enough of the accusations.

The web site of the Charleston County Democratic Party only has campaign information for Marlon Kimpson.

In another section of the web site it says Washington is a supporter of the Republican Party.

He responded to those accusations and said, "I told chairman Hricik from the very beginning that my purpose for running for this senate seat is not to represent the Democratic Party in Columbia or Democratic Party bosses, but to represent the people of South Carolina first and foremost. If that requires reaching across the aisle working with fellow republican senators, democratic senators or independent senators. I will do specifically that."

We called the Charleston County Democratic Party offices several times for a comment from Chairman Hricik. Each time the secretary said she sent him the messages. We have not heard back yet, but will keep trying.

The Democratic primary runoff between Marlon Kimpson and Maurice Washington is Tuesday, August 27th. Polls will be open from 7 am to 7pm.

The winner of the Democratic primary will take on Republican Billy Shuman and Libertarian Alex Thornton on October 1st.

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