Kitten travels 50 miles underneath the hood of car

Kitten rides 50 miles under car hood. (Source: WCTV/CNN)
Kitten rides 50 miles under car hood. (Source: WCTV/CNN)

TALLAHASSEE, FL (WCTV/CNN) – A cute kitten may have used up some of its nine lives after a scary car ride.

The kitten somehow crawled underneath a Georgia woman's car hood and rode with her to Tallahassee, FL, nearly 50 miles away.

The woman said she heard a cat screaming when she stopped at a gas station, but didn't know where the sound was coming from. She later took the car to a mechanic and he found it.

"This helpless little guy was hopelessly stuck down into this part of the car just inches away from turning belts, fans and everything else bad," said mechanic Curtis White.

They scooped the kitten out of the car and gave him some milk, sausage and a little love.

The kitten no longer has to work about hitching a ride. A coworker of the woman has decided to adopt him.

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