Marines work on team building

They're the few, the proud, the Marines. Today more than 100 men and women gathered at James Island County Park  to take part in team building activities.  It was a great opportunity to build relationships and morale before being deployed again.

180 Marines from Beaufort climbed, repelled, and even walked across a high ropes course working on team chemistry, trust, and courage.

"It's a good time, some of the guys we're out here with right now we don't normally work with on a constant basis. They're in the same unit but we don't interact with them daily so it gives you a chance to actually work with other people" said Walter Reaves.

Reaves has 23 years of service and knows the meaning of sacrifice. This will be his eighth deployment away from his wife and six kids. "It's very hard but, it's what needs to be done" said Reaves.

"You depend on these guys a lot, so we never really get to have fun with them.  This is what this event is meant to do, for us to actually have fun together" said Reaves.

The Marines just returned home after a six month deployment overseas.  Their mission today Operation Adrenaline Rush.

"It gives them an opportunity to do high adrenaline activities, in a safe practical place.  Activities that they may not have otherwise the opportunity to blow off steam per say post deployment" said Sergeant Major Stacey Holcomb.

It's the first time the Marines have done any sort of activity off base, but it's something special they will remember before heading back overseas together again.

"It's fun to share a little bit of time something fun before you go out on deployment again" said Reaves.

The Marines will be deployed back to Japan sometime in January.