Officials petition for turn signals at "most dangerous intersection on James Island"

JAMES ISLAND, SC (WCSC) - Commissioner June Waring is talking about this intersection says she would like to see left and right turn signals added to the traffic lights at the crossing of Maybank Highway and Wappoo Creek Drive, especially since there are turning lanes.

"You wait and you can't get through because at peak traffic time that green light is just letting them through like herds, and you have to wait, and then you get out there in the middle and go whoosh."

That is a familiar routine for the employees at the Piggly Wiggly.

"We use the intersection daily, making bank deposits, errands, stuff like that, and coming and going from the parking lot on a daily basis is pretty dangerous," says Brett Epps, the manager of Piggly Wiggly.

Epps says drivers already dart through the parking lot to avoid the light and traffic.

"A lot of times the cars will cut through the parking lot, and our parking lot is a hub for school drop-off and pick-up, so there's young, elementary school kids getting dropped off in the morning and in the afternoon, and the cars come flying through the parking lot because they're trying to cut the light and make it out as fast as they can."

City council member Kathleen Wilson says the city oversees this intersection with the blessing of the Department of Transportation. She says the next step will involve a formal study of the intersection and presenting that research to the Department of Transportation.