Superintendent addresses overcrowding in Mt. Pleasant schools

Superintendent addresses overcrowding in Mt. Pleasant schools

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - A rating of "excellent" for all 11 Mt. Pleasant schools, but some parents say it's not the quality of education they're concerned about; it's the quantity of students.

Packed classrooms packed a town hall meeting in Mt. Pleasant Wednesday night.

"No issues," says Paul Gawrych, a parent. "Excellent schools and it's because of the teachers, principals and the parents, so you wouldn't know it. The issue is the overcrowding, the size of the classrooms."

An issue superintendent Dr. Nancy McGinley and her staff are handling through new buildings and expanded ones. She says by 2016, the school district will have spent a third of their current $1.2 billion building plan budget in Mt. Pleasant.

"Between 1997 and 2016, we will have invested $375 million dollars into new buildings or expanding buildings in Mt. Pleasant."

Dan Mellison came to hear about enrollment zones. He wants both his children to go to Laurel Hill Primary or Pinckney Elementary.

"We live in Ivy Hall, and we just found out during the summer time, we didn't even know that potentially our neighborhood had been zoned out of that school district, which is the exact reason we moved into Ivy Hall two years ago."

Mellison says they're willing to move again.

"Honestly, we would potentially sell our house and try and move to a neighborhood to stay in that school. That's how big of an impact it has for us."

McGinley says redistricting will happen in 2015. It was not discussed in length Wednesday night, but will be at another meeting on September 11th.