Doctor's office filling up with children who are getting sick at school

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - If you notice more people getting sick lately, you're not alone. Doctors at MEDcare Urgent Care said their office has been filling up with children who are getting sick at school.

Since the start of the school year, doctors say they have seen an increase in head lice, strep throat and respiratory infections.

They blame the rash of illness on the close contact kids have with hundreds of other students.

"A lot of our kids are going back to school now," said Kiara James, a registered nurse."They have to learn to keep up the hand washing practices. Some of them have had the occasional ear ache and sore throat so we have seen a lot of them coming into the practice."

"If you think you're feeling sick or know you're sick then stay away from others," said Dr. Radwan Hallaba .

Doctors with MEDcare also recommend covering your mouth when you cough, and wiping down things like computer keyboards or other commonly shared items which will cut down on the spread of germs.

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