SC gas prices said to remain stable despite unrest in Syria

SC gas prices said to remain stable despite unrest in Syria

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Motorists will have a close eye on the pump this Labor Day weekend. Right now gas is cheaper than last year.

General Manager of AAA, Lori Jo Simmons said, "Typically unrest in the Middle East does inspire higher gas prices. However, right now our refineries are at full capacity so we are not anticipating a spike in gas prices due to the unrest in Syria at this time."

Simmons is referring to our oil refineries in the Gulf of Mexico.

"We have an abundant oil supply," said Simmons.

Even with the high demand this weekend, Simmons says their records show the oil in the U.S. should be enough to keep prices in check.

"The prices have actually come down over the past 30 days," said Simmons.

According to the AAA, gas prices are 8% lower than they were this time last year. The weather has a lot to do with it.

Simmons said, "Last Labor Day we had Hurricane Isaac which derailed a lot of Labor Day weekend plans."

It also caused prices to go up as it made its way through the gulf closing down refineries.

"Since 2010 our average labor day price has been below $3.50. It's been $3.24, $3.38, so it's bounced around."

Right now the state average for a gallon of regular gas is $3.24. Simmons says Charleston area drivers usually pay a little bit more than the rest of the state.

"Some of that has to do with our delivery fees when we have fuel delivered down to this region," said Simmons.

Either way South Carolina continues to have lower prices than most states.

Simmons said, "The weather should be good and gas prices are lower than they were last year so we are expecting a lot of families to go and take that last opportunity to hit the road."

According to AAA there won't be any road construction going on over the weekend.

This is to ensure the safety of both construction workers and drivers due to the large amount traffic on the roadways.

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