Florida teenagers plead guilty in bus beating

GULFPORT, FL (CNN) - Three Florida teens have been sentenced to indefinite probation after admitting they beat a classmate on a school bus.

The beating was caught on surveillance video.

The victim reportedly became a target after telling school officials some of his summer school classmates tried to sell him pot.

The video displayed in juvenile court shows the three 15-year-old boys taunting the 13-year-old victim as he crouches in his seat, and then the attack.

One of the defendant's legal guardian's, Dionne Miller said watching the video made her want to save the victim from her own grandson.

"That child was just defenseless and for that to happen to him, you know it just made me angry as a parent." Miller said. "And wanting to be in there to help him."

In court, the teens handed over apology letters and blamed their actions on peer pressure after they say the victim wrongly accused them of selling drugs.

"Had you gone to adult court, there if very little doubt in my mind that you'd be heading to some type of prison," the judge told the teenagers.

Instead the three teens were given indefinite supervised probation due to their age and first offender status.

Among the measures are electronic monitoring, anger management counseling, a strict curfew, community service and drug testing.

Miller says she believes her grandson has learned a tough lesson.

"When kids, kids are away from home, they do what they choose to do. We've spoken to them several times about hanging around the wrong people, about there are always consequences of things you do, whether positive or negative, there's going to be consequences," Miller said.

Miller says she actually thinks her grandson and the other two boys should have been incarcerated for a few weeks so they understand what it's like.

"I told him you want to act like a criminal, we're going to treat you like a criminal. If we watch TV, you watch what we watch on television. I said that's how they do it in jail, so that's how we're going to do it at home," she said.

However, the court maintained that giving a stricter punishment would have done more harm than good.

As for that 13-year-old victim, his grandmother said he's now attending a new school, but is still too afraid to take the bus.

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