Sen. Lindsey Graham: President indecisive about Syria

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - What happens if Congress refuses to go along with President Barack Obama's request to bomb Syria?

Sen. Lindsey Graham talked to Live 5 News' Bill Sharpe about the subject on Tuesday. Graham and Sen. John McCain both met with the president this weekend.

Graham says the president has been indecisive about what to do in Syria after Syria`s president Bashar Assad reportedly used poison gas on his own people.

"Unless the president makes a stronger case, it`s likely Congress will say,'No,'" Graham said on Tuesday."What happens? We`re seen as incredibly weak. We`re seen as a country that basically couldn't get its act together. If he comes to Congress and says,'Join me in fighting back against chemical weapons being used by Assad because it matters,' and we say no, that`s a terrible thing. If he comes to Congress without a plan that`s equally terrible. A weak response is as bad as no response."

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