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Sweet homecoming for Airmen after two-month deployment to Southwest Asia


After two months of anticipation and excitement, the moment was here.

"I missed you so much!"

Complete with balloons and signs, moms and dads, sons and daughters, and wives welcomed home their heroes.

"There's not a feeling like your husband coming home from deployment."

This was Airman Frank Maher's second deployment.

"There's so much emotion. There's so much love. All the other people that were on the jet, they're just so supportive of us. It's so great seeing all the family."

Airman Steven Kline says he's overwhelmed by all the support.

"It makes it worth it. It's a good feeling to come back and see people care about what you are doing."

This was Kline's first deployment. His wife says they just took it one day at a time.

"You don't think it's real until you actually have him here and holding him," says his wife, Tess Kline.

And for those who've been deployed a few times, they say while it never gets easier, the homecoming does make that call to duty easier to take.

"It's wonderful, just the support of the community and all of Charleston comes out here and all of our leadership is coming out here to support is, family and friends," says Airman Aleksander Layne. "It's definitely comforting and nice to know that people are here backing us up."


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