Syria conflict could mean boost in business for a Ladson auto maker

Local company prepares for Syria strike

LADSON, SC (WCSC) - Military action in Syria could mean business for a local manufacturing company. Streit U.S.A. Armoring builds armored vehicles. Since tensions are escalating in Syria, Streit U.S.A. is expecting the government to want more of their armored trucks and SUVs.

"We've got our own dedicated line here that we call our fast tract line," says David Rogers, business development manager for Streit. "This is a production line that we have allocated specifically for government projects like that if they were to come down the pipeline very quickly."

When the military gets called into action, vehicles like their Cyclone, are in high demand.

But , they can't sell them to just any country.

"Absolutely not," says Rogers. "We go through very stringent background checks, compliance checks."

When a vehicle comes into the Streit plant, they strip it completely down and make it all their own. They like to have control of their vehicles even down to the smallest detail.

"We removed everything that you see," said Rogers. "The cabinets, the seats, the interior, everything stripped down to the frame, [we] leave the transmission and the engine."

The company usually produces about 70 vehicles per month, but they are ready make more if they're called on.

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