750 sailors clean USS Franklin

750 Sailors clean USS Franklin

MOUNT PLEASANT, SC (WCSC) - Hundreds of sailors armed with buckets and brooms hit Patriots Point Friday to clean up the USS Franklin. It's part of the annual "Day of Caring.

They got down on their hands and knees scrubbing, and dusted up high. They set upon the ship with a mission to make it sparkle.

"I don't think we can clean it better but we might have more practice," said Lt. Genevieve Pike.

The USS Franklin is rich with the history of fallen heroes. The sailors felt honored to put their cleaning supplies to work.

"So for our sailors to learn the history about the sailors that have come before them and have served their country it's going to give them pride in what they do and help them understand why they are doing what they are doing," said Pike.

When the sailors found out what room they were going to be cleaning, they got a broom, rags, and got straight to work.

"They don't need a ton of instruction like do this, do that," said ENS Mathew Graham. "You know they can think for themselves and that's important being in the military. Being able to take quick action, and make quick decisions translates well into what they are doing here today."

The "Day of Caring" came about after 9-11. It's become an annual tradition thousands in the navy volunteer to carry on.

"They all have smiles on their face despite the task," said Holly Franklin, Public Information Officer for the ship. "A lot of them are scrubbing and dusting and doing some things that maybe aren't so fun.

Although they are part of the Naval Nuclear Power Training command and have a strong background in science, for six hours Friday, they were a cleaning crew and proud of it.

The event is nationwide and was started by the Trident United Way. There are a total of 2,000 navy volunteers participating throughout the Lowcountry. There will be a second "Day of Caring" on the anniversary of 9-11 that includes civilian volunteers.