MUSC hacking victim looking for answers following cyber attack

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A hacking victim is angry and frustrated after last weeks cyber attack at the Medical University of South Carolina.

Thousands of patients and customers had their debit and credit card information compromised leaving many looking for answers.

Ivy Broughton walks out her front door pen and paper in hand, hoping for more information after last weeks cyber attack at MUSC.
"I received a call from the Medical University of South Carolina saying that thousands and thousands of patients have had their information compromised," Broughton said.

Seven thousand people who paid online or over the phone like Broughton at MUSC had their information compromised, when hackers broke into a credit card processing company hired by the hospital.

"We have so many ways to communicate and to do business on the web on our smart phones and in cyber space and that makes us vulnerable," said Sareth Neak, president of Homeland Security Outlook.

Neak, who's in town for a cyber security conference, says with so many options to pay for bills online or over the phone, cyber space is the perfect opportunity for hackers to attack.

"It's a field day, it's an open wide field day for the criminals," Neak said.

MUSC informed people of the hack through an automated phone call, but Broughton says she wants more.

"I would like to see them fix this problem, keep me informed keep the patients informed, so we can feel a part of this rather than being isolated," Broughton said."That's what I would like to see."

We're told that MUSC contacted people who were affected by phone, and also sent out a letter.

If you feel you've been affected by the breach, call your bank or credit card company immediately. MUSC is also working to arrange free credit card monitoring for those who were hacked.

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