The Citadel faces new sexual abuse allegation involving Louis ReVille

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - We've learned the Citadel is facing a new lawsuit over sexual abuse allegations. Another former camper is claiming he was molested by Louis "Skip" ReVille.

The former camp counselor has confessed to molesting nearly two dozen young boys. The accuser says the abuse could have been prevented if the school had taken necessary steps.

The former camper says he was sexually abused and molested several times by ReVille in the summer of 2003. The lawsuit was filed against the Citadel on Monday.

In the lawsuit, the accuser claims that the camp director and the Citadel were responsible for not stopping ReVille in the past, mentioning specifically that the camp director walked into ReVille's room and saw him rubbing icy hot on the camper's leg.

It goes on to state that the director didn't report what she saw, and that if ReVille had been fired, the inappropriate touching would not have escalated into sexual abuse.

Then in 2005, the camper says he went on to be a camp counselor at the Citadel. After training to recognize child sexual abuse, he says he decided to meet with that same camp director to talk about his experiences with Reville.

He says he was fired within two hours of that conversation.

According to the lawsuit, the camper did make several attempts to report what happened, but wasn't successful getting results.

"We just received the lawsuit and have no comment," a lawyer for the Citadel said on Wednesday."It is early in our investigation and litigation is still pending."

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