Kmart employee accused of giving away merchandise to friend

WEST ASHLEY, SC (WCSC) - Investigators arrested a former Kmart employee accused of giving away clothes, shoes and household items to a friend.

The Charleston Police Department charged 30-year-old Monitrese Lashea Champaigne with breach of trust with fraudulent intent.

Police officers responded to the Kmart on 1535 Savannah Hwy Wednesday morning for a report of an employee giving away merchandise to a customer. Store officials told investigators that Champaigne was caught on video giving merchandise to a friend without payment.

According to loss prevention officers at the store, Champaigne was also caught on video giving away merchandise to the same friend on Tuesday.

A police report states Champaigne admitted to giving away the merchandise on both occasions.

When officers asked Champaigne who she had given the merchandise to, Champaigne said it was a friend that "had been evicted from her house and was having a hard time."

Champaigne said she would ring up the items, void them out then place the items into a Kmart bag which she put into her friend's cart.

According to Champaigne, she gave clothes, shoes and household items valued between $275 and $300 to her friend.

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