Woman accused of pushing husband off cliff released on bond

Newly married woman accused of pushing husband off cliff to his death released on bond. (Source: KEIC/CNN)
Newly married woman accused of pushing husband off cliff to his death released on bond. (Source: KEIC/CNN)

KALISPELL, MT (KEIC/CNN) - A marriage ended just days after it began, when the husband fell off a cliff to his death.

His wife is accused of pushing him as they fought on a hike in Glacier National Park.

Jordan Linn Graham has been released from police custody, out on bond, and that's obviously not sitting well with friends of the alleged victim.

It's a slap in the face to friends of Cody Johnson.

"I want them to do the right thing, I want justice for Cody," friend Maximo Rocha said.

But the judge released Graham, ordering her to electronic monitoring at her parents' home before her second degree murder case goes to trial, saying she has "no criminal history whatsoever" and never "exhibited tendencies for violence or even anger."

Except for the charge that she pushed her husband of just eight days off this sheer cliff, face first, in Glacier National Park, killing him.

"He didn't deserve whatever end she gave him. He never earned anything that Jordan did to him and I disagree with all of my heart at what the justice system is saying is fair," Rocha said.

It was just a short time ago that the couple appeared happy and in love in their first dance at their wedding.

While the groom's friends describe the bride as having cold feet, Elizabeth Shea remembers her as a normal bride, excited about her life with Johnson.

Shea is a custom song writer. She said the bride hired her to write the lyrics to a song honoring the couple based on interviews she did with them.

"I used words like, 'you helped me climb higher for a better view,' 'you're my safe place to fall.' Now when I hear those words, it is a little creepy," she said.

Eight days later, Johnson fell to his death, allegedly pushed by the very bride who danced this prophetic song with him.

Graham is facing a second degree murder charge.

If she is convicted, she could be sentenced to life in prison.

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