Downtown Battery repair, reconstruction set to begin next month

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The first phase to repair and reconstruct portions of The Battery is set to begin in October.

According to city officials, the first phase of the Battery Repair and Reconstruction involves the reconstruction of "the turn" - the 120-foot portion of the High Battery where it connects to the Low Battery along Murray Boulevard.

Officials say this portion of the Battery was identified in the Seawall Evaluation and Study as a priority due to substantial deterioration of the underlying wooden deck and pile system. More specifically the work will include:
•    Installation of a temporary cofferdam and dewatering systems to allow work during all tidal cycles,
•    Removal and disposal of the existing concrete seawall,
•    Removal of the timber platform,
•    Testing and removal of selected timber piles,
•    Installation of new composite (concrete and steel) piles,
•    Construction of a new reinforced concrete foundation and seawall structure and
•    Removal of all temporary cofferdams and traffic control. Lane closures and traffic

"The first phase of the Battery Reconstruction Project is a very important and complex project. This area of the seawall was originally built in 1919 on wood pilings and has a wooden deck, which over the years, have been exposed to the elements," Riley said."So it is essential that we update the support system and foundation. Just as important, this construction provides us with an opportunity to make a ramp to connect Low Battery to High Battery, which will allow more of our residents and visitors greater access to the water's edge."

One of the major changes is that the walk-up leading to the turn's platform will be transformed from concrete steps to a ramp. This will accommodate those with disabilities and baby strollers. The design has been approved by the State Historic Preservation Office.

According to officials, design services for Phase 2 of the Battery Repair and Reconstruction Project are underway. This phase includes the renovation of the stone High Battery from the turn to its northern terminus. The renovations will consist of resetting and repointing the existing stones to provide a more level walking surface and more aesthetic appearance. Work on this phase will begin after the turn is completed.

Information provided by the City of Charleston.