Duo arrested after deputies discover meth lab in Lincolnville

LINCOLNVILLE, SC (WCSC) - Authorities say two people are behind bars after deputies found a meth lab at a home in Lincolnville Tuesday afternoon.

The Charleston County Sheriff's Office charged 33-year-old Ronald M. Patterson and 35-year-old Michelle A. Thompson with manufacturing methamphetamine and unlawful disposal of meth waste.

On Tuesday at 2:30 p.m., the sheriff's office bomb squad and the metro narcotics unit executed a search warrant at 303 Owens Drive Lot 12 in reference to a meth lab.

An affidavit states investigators found chemicals and items identified as those used to produce meth. According to court records, authorities found muriatric acid, cold packs, crystal drain cleaner, stripped energizer battery shells and multiple soda bottles containing ammonium nitrate and pieces of lithium from previous "cooks."

In addition, investigators say waste from the meth production was found in a trash container, as well as scattered around the house. Authorities say because of the hazardous chemical mixtures from the lab, a waste management company was called to the scene to dispose of the items.

Investigators say the warrant was a culmination of a weeks long investigation of tips which indicated a meth lab was at the home. As a result of the search warrant, both Patterson and Thompson were arrested.

Both of the suspects were locked up at the Sheriff Al Cannon Detention Center.

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