Folly Beach celebrates 40 years this weekend

Folly Beach celebrates 40 years this weekend

FOLLY BEACH, SC (WCSC) - From fishing village to funky beach town, native Lajuan Kennedy remembers a time when kids played football out on Center Street.

"In the forties, fifties, and sixties, you had the pier, the dance pier. You had the rides up on the front, and it was a playground."

Kennedy says those days are long gone, and, now, the city is a prime destination in the country.

"Where this used to just be a bedroom community for Charleston to come out and spend the summer, right now you have a lot more year-round residents. You have a lot of people from all over the United States that own property here that think it's the greatest place they've ever found."

Former Mayor Bob Linville, who took office just days before Hurricane Hugo hit in 1989 and served nine years, says he misses the Folly Beach of the sixties.

"I would go back to the sixties right now if I could, but I can't. Life moves on, and this is what we got. So, is it better or is it worse, I guess history will answer that one."

Both Mayor Linville and Kennedy say you just have to go along with the changing tides.

"What have we got? We got a thriving, metropolitan sort of city, and it's growing."

"This is home. I live on the same piece of dirt that my family bought in the forties. I can't imagine myself leaving."