Firefighter rescues kitten and raises awareness

Fresno firefighters resuscitated the kitten with oxygen and water. (Source: Cory Kalanick/YouTube)
Fresno firefighters resuscitated the kitten with oxygen and water. (Source: Cory Kalanick/YouTube)

(RNN) – After putting out a house fire in Fresno, CA, firefighters went inside the home and discovered an unconscious kitten. One of the firefighters recorded the rescue from his point of view and shared it with the world.

Cory Kalanick, with the Fresno Fire Department, had a GoPro video camera strapped to his helmet when he went inside the smoke-filled building and discovered a lifeless kitten on the floor. Kalanick took the kitten outside and began to resuscitate him with oxygen and water. The efforts seem to revive the kitten.

The video, set to music and edited to look like a movie trailer, was posted to YouTube in June. Since then, The Rescue has received over 1.5 million views.

The GoPro company took the original video, reedited it in dramatic slow motion and posted their version to YouTube on Sept. 25. It went viral quickly, getting more than 5 million views.

Unfortunately, the kitten didn't live very long after the rescue, according to a report by KGPE. The SPCA took in the kitten, but he succumbed to his injuries a few hours later.

However, Kalanick's video has brought awareness to pet oxygen masks, which can help save animals' lives in an emergency.

According to the Emma Zen Foundation, as many of 40,000 family pets die every year due to house fires. The oxygen masks typically carried on fire trucks are designed for humans and do not fit on an animal's snout. Pet oxygen masks, on the other hand, are designed to fit animals for resuscitation.

In the video, Kalanick used a child's oxygen mask on the kitten. Kalanic wrote on his YouTube post that the attention generated from his video led to pet oxygen mask donations to the Fresno Fire Department.

KGPE reports that several Fresno fire trucks are now equipped with oxygen masks designed for animals.

Kalanick said he donated the money generated by his YouTube video to a local emergency vet.

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