Georgetown church honors first responders for courageous efforts fighting huge fire

GEORGETOWN, SC (WCSC) - The recovery in Georgetown continues despite the collapse of two of the damaged buildings on Front Street.

Sunday, members of the Screven Baptist Church honored those who battled the massive fire that tore through the historic district.

Pastor Jason Williams said, "Something we are going to have to live by is hope. Just not in the Lord but hope in our community."

From the letters scattered across the fence along Front Street, to the message of the sermon given at Screven Baptist Church, the encouragement could be seen and heard throughout Georgetown.

Through song and prayer, the congregation showed their appreciation for the men and women who put their lives on the line fighting the fire 4 days ago.

Williams said, "Thank you, thank you for the acts for your courageous, brave hearts because they really, really worked extremely hard."

The fire was still fresh in the minds of the emergency workers honored during the service.

"A lot of debris floating in the water, charred pieces of wood and stuff like that," said Greg Caddell, a boatswain's mate for the U.S. Coast Guard.

City of Georgetown police officer Steven Church said, "It was like a volcano erupting from the top of the buildings. The fire was so hot, it spread so fast. The fact that they were able to save everyone's life was just amazing."

Church believes it took more than courage to defeat a fire of that size and magnitude.

"You have to have some type of faith in God to put your life on the line every single day and to know that he'll take care and protect them and then their families if something does happen. So that's a big part of what we do for police and fire," said Church.

Their efforts of fighting the fire have now turned to rooting for the victims and the city to recover. Through it all, community members of Georgetown have hope.

"Trust in God that Georgetown is going to come back from this just like every other community throughout the U.S.," said Caddell.

Investigators are still working to find out what exactly caused the fire.

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