Awendaw boil water advisory may be lifted Tuesday afternoon

Awendaw boil water advisory may be lifted Tuesday afternoon

CHARLESTON COUNTY, SC (WCSC) - There is some good news for folks in Awendaw. The boil water advisory could be lifted as early as Tuesday afternoon, after a water line broke over the weekend.  Businesses like Sewee Outpost are feeling the effects.

"This is a pretty busy spot right here. We have a lot of traffic coming through," said Tim Kinder, an employee at Sewee Outpost.

The store sells everything from clothes to fishing equipment and even food, but not everything is for sale today.

"No coffee no soft drinks," said Kinder.

Awendaw officials put the town on alert Saturday morning asking residents to boil their water after a water line broke along Highway 17 near Porcher School Road.  No water means no morning coffee for the morning crowd, a busy time for the store.

"Average day about 150 or so, hopefully everything will be up and going in a couple days," said Kinder.

Crews worked to repair the water line over the weekend.  Now the water is back on, but the boil advisory is still in affect at least for another 24 hours. Another big issue at Sewee Outpost is the amount of ice they sell.

Daily it's between 50 to 100 bags, a big seller, but once they're all gone, that's it.

"We sell a lot of ice to local fisherman. Right now, our ice supply is good so we hope it comes up quick so we don't run out" said Kinder.

The water advisory is also causing issues in the kitchen.

"Cooking. It's a headache as far as keeping your hands washed.  We're boiling water as we need for what we need to cook," said Kinder.

For now, it doesn't seem the smell of fresh coffee will linger through the store tomorrow morning.

Kinder has some advice, "Anybody coming out this way tomorrow should have their coffee before they get here."

Awendaw town administrator William Wallace says crews were out testing water samples on Monday. Wallace says everyone should continue to boil their water until the advisory is lifted.

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