Charleston School of Law moves forward with sale

Charleston School of Law moves forward with sale

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - The directors for the Charleston School of Law announced Wednesday their intentions to move forward with the school's sale to the InfiLaw system.

Directors Robert S. Carr and George C. Kosko said they decided to move forward with the sale after they received no "financially responsible alternative proposals" for the sale.  Carr and Kosko said the deadline for proposals was Tuesday.

In a letter to the Charleston School of Law community, the directors stated, "While some people and groups have proposed vague alternative proposals, no one has come forward saying, 'We want to buy the law school, and here are our plans to run it.'"

The letter continues, "We are aware that there has been concern in the community about whether this transaction is in the best interests of the law school and the community.  In our view, this is the best and only viable option to secure the future of Charleston School of Law for generations to come."

The directors argued Infilaw's resources would improve the school's infrastructure and programs, and also said they'd considered other alternatives:

For some time, the entire board considered a number of succession plans that were similar to alternative ideas that have been floated within the community over the last couple of days. However none of these alternatives were found workable because they were impractical, could not achieve regulatory approval or would not serve the long-term interests of the Law School. Some suggested that we engage with the College of Charleston, an activity which not only would threaten the validity of the school's license, but also would reflect bad faith on the part of the school in its dealings with the CHE and the State of South Carolina. And, while the College of Charleston did request an application, the College did not submit one.

The school announced plans to sell to InfiLaw in late August.

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