Hanahan rail repair project could affect 15,000 drivers

Hanahan police chief not happy with CSX's timing

HANAHAN, SC (WCSC) - As many as 15,000 who drive through Hanahan are bracing for a traffic headache next week when CSX plans to close a major road to do a rail repair project.

The repair project will be done on North Rhett Avenue, beginning Tuesday morning, scheduled to be finished by Friday.

Motorists will have to find another route.

"This is a 24 hour full closure, so the road's literally going to be stopped," said Hanahan Police Chief Mike Cochran.

Cochran says he wasn't notified about the repair project until this past Monday.

"All of North Rhett is going to be impacted, so you've got over 15,000 cars that have to be rerouted or diverted."

One of those drivers is Dave Pelletier, who lives in Tanner Plantation.

"My wife and I volunteer at the Air Force base pharmacy a couple of days a week and I don't know how we're gonna get there unless we can get across those railroad tracks," Pelletier said.

Chief Cochran called CSX and asked them to do the work on a holiday weekend, where the impact on drivers wouldn't be as bad.

He didn't like their answer.

"They're sorry about the lack of communication. They're sorry about a lot, and they promise to do better next time, but they're not gonna budge," Cochran said.

"I would think that would be the smartest thing to do, work with the community. I can't understand why they wouldn't want to do that," Pelletier said.

We contacted CSX at their headquarters in Jacksonville, Florida.

A spokeswoman told us , "We appreciate the patience of our neighbors. We will move through the area swiftly and safely as possible to minimize impact."

The spokeswoman also said signs will tell drivers about detours while the work is being done.

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