Craigslist murder victim remembered by coach, suspects denied bond

William Apps' school picture (source: Beaufort Academy Alumni Facebook)
William Apps' school picture (source: Beaufort Academy Alumni Facebook)

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Former classmates and teachers are remembering William "Alex" Apps. He graduated from Beaufort Academy in 2007.

"I hope they pay for it. It was such a senseless act to such a good guy with such a bright future," said Bill Dalton.

Dalton is among friends and teachers at Beaufort Academy mourning the loss of 25-year-old Apps.

Dalton said, "He [Apps] was at Beaufort Academy from 1st grade until he graduated."

The school's alumni Facebook page now has a photo album dedicated to the former student.

Apps' death is a blow to the community, but more so to his family.

Dalton said, "His father died when he was in high school. An awful lot of tragedy to have happen to one family."

Dalton was one of Apps' JV soccer coaches and A.P. history teacher. He still uses an essay written by Apps in 10th grade as an example to his students every year. Now Dalton says the essay will be a way for him to remember his former student.

"A lot of kids he went to school with still are back in town after college and so it was a hard day for us in Beaufort. I mean obviously anyone that young you don't expect to hear that they died," said Dalton.

Charleston County deputies say Apps was shot in the head Thursday after meeting up with Isaac Williams and Jquan Scott to sell his truck. The ad is still posted on Craigslist.

Dalton said, "The more I found out about it, the more irate I got about how incredibly stupid and pointless it was. He was just selling his truck and it just seems completely idiotic."

Dalton says Apps left a big impression on those he knew and loved and won't be forgotten.

"We're all going to miss him a lot," said Dalton.

Deputies say Apps' body was found Monday in the woods near McGrath Darby Boulevard in Mount Pleasant. They say Jquan Scott led them to the location after he was arrested.

According to the court affidavit released Tuesday, Apps was held at a home on Matthis Ferry Road and also driven around at gunpoint, before he was shot in the truck while being driven over the Ravenel Bridge.

Emotional bond court hearing for family of suspects and victim

Family of the victim William Apps were in court asking for the suspects to stay behind bars. Supporters of both suspects also spoke during the bond hearing.

"I love you and I know you wouldn't do something like this," said a family member as she spoke to Jquan Scott during the bond hearing.

As she spoke holding back tears, 19-year-old Scott was seen on the television monitor bent over in tears.

Tuesday night he was denied bond in connection with the murder of the College of Charleston graduate.

The second suspect, 20-year-old Issac Williams was also denied bond. His family and supporters spoke after the hearing.

Roger Daniels, a friend of Williams said, "He just told me he had to go test drive a car for a friend. That's all he said. I don't think he, I know he wouldn't kill nobody, so for him to sit there and be told you're denied bond, that's crazy. This ain't him, this ain't him. This is the type of man who wouldn't even kill a rat."

Tralane Bell a friend of Williams said, "He's just afraid to speak and he needs to tell the truth. He needs to not worry about being called a snitch."

Both suspects aren't expected to be back in court until early next year.