Ft. Jackson soldier honored for quick thinking in live grenade situation

COLUMBIA, SC (WIS) - A Midlands soldier is recognized for an act of valor thousands of miles away from the nearest battlefield.

SSgt. Gary Moore had seconds to react when a misthrown grenade landed at his feet. What he did next earned him the highest honor available to a soldier outside of combat.

Moore doesn't like to brag about what led to him receiving the Army Soldier's Medal  at Fort Jackson.

"My old battalion motto was deeds not words," said Moore.

Luckily, his deeds speak louder than he does.

Last October he was supervising grenade training at Fort Jackson. Moore watched as a private began to throw his grenade in the wrong direction. When Moore tried to correct him, the Private dropped it at their feet. Moore had anywhere from 3 to 5 seconds before they'd both be killed.

"I proceeded to get the soldier and myself out of the bay as quickly as possible," said Moore.

Or in other words, Moore had to physically throw the private out of the bay and jump on top of him. Behind a small retaining wall, Moore shielded the shaken private from the blast wave and shrapnel. They were both unhurt

So Wednesday, with the pomp and circumstance that'd follow bravery in battle, Moore received the highest honor available to a soldier outside of combat. He's seen plenty of it though, with three tours in Iraq behind him.

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