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KSLA News 12 Editorial: October 10th-Career Path Diplomas

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Louisiana's State Education Superintendent John White launched an effort to remove the stigma from career-path high school diplomas.

Currently, there are three kinds of diplomas high school students can get. Most get the college-prep diploma, which qualifies them for TOPS. The basic diploma is next in popularity. Lagging far behind is the career diploma, which is opted for by only 1% of students.

When you consider the huge number of jobs that are industry-based, that number is simply unacceptable. White is calling for "rigorous technical education" funding at the high school level. He'll bring a formal proposal for that funding to state legislators next year.

We hope our state delegation will be firmly behind this initiative, and hopefully, their counterparts elsewhere in the state will as well.

I'm James Smith.

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