MeadWestvaco breaks ground on new technology center

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A success story for South Carolina - that's what local city and county leaders are calling the expansion of MeadWestvaco.

MeadWestvaco's new $9.3 million project has innovation in mind. The technology and innovation center will be a new addition to the North Charleston MeadWestvaco headquarters.

MeadWestvaco has been a staple in the Low Country for 75 years. Rose says the new center is going to not only help them continue to grow their operations but also stimulate the local economy.

"Technology is the key to success in our business," said Ed Rose, president of Specialty Chemicals for MeadWestvaco.

The new center will focus on sustainability and creating new chemicals for road construction, oil and auto emissions control.

"It'll build new products and new technology, which will then allow us to expand into our facility," said Rose.

Expanding the facility means more scientists and engineers are in demand.

"we not only will get those people that they hire, but a lot of people bring their families their wives their children with them," said Keith Summey, mayor of the City of North Charleston.

Mayor Summey was among the community leaders on hand to celebrate the project.

"To see them still wanting to be an active role in helping this economy recover is so exciting," said Mayor Summey. "We're just very pleased that they're investing this money into another new building in North Charleston.

This isn't just a success story for MeadWestvaco, but also for North Charleston. The city has maintained a strong relationship with the company and it's proved to be beneficial for both parties.

"It shows that if we all work together, we can do so much more in enhancing the quality of life," said Mayor Summey.

For MeadWestvaco, the decision to keep the operation in North Charleston was easy.

"North Charleston has been extremely business friendly and a great relationship," said Rose.

The new tech facility will be ready in 2015 and they're go be hiring two dozen new employees.

Mayor Summey and other leaders in the community say they're looking forward to seeing what this innovation can do for the community.

"They're going to be here to make sure it runs for the long term - and a 75 year run is unbelievable," said Mayor Summey.

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