Mt. Pleasant man who cut Lincoln Memorial lawn recognized by congressman

MT. PLEASANT, SC (WCSC/WIS) - A Mount Pleasant man who's become an internet and television sensation after mowing the lawn at the Lincoln Memorial was recognized by a California congressman.

On Thursday at the House of Representatives, Congressman Darrell Issa recognized Chris Cox, who traveled to Washington D.C. and mowed the lawn at the Lincoln Memorial as he clutched a South Carolina state flag on Wednesday.

"This is the American spirit.  This is the attitude and perseverance our Founding Fathers demonstrated in the face of adversity," read a statement by Issa." Patriotic acts, like the ones recently displayed by Cox, serve as a great reminder of how Washington should conduct itself in this frustrating time."

Cox says he isn't motivated by political reasons but feels obligated to because veterans are going to be at the nation's capital for this weekend's Million Vet March. He says making the memorial presentable is the right thing to do.

Cox carries the South Carolina flag while he works and is hoping to get other volunteers for his military militia to help before Saturday's event. The only problem is authorities asked him to disband his militia.

He's agreed to stop for the time being, but says there is still a lot of work to get done.
People have been leaving messages on Cox's Facebook page after hearing what he was doing.
One called him a "true selfless dedicated citizen." Another says,"We are proud and you've always been an amazing soul."

According to Washington DC radio station All-News 99.1, Cox is calling his one-man endeavor the Memorial Militia.

Cox is doing the work that the Park Service rangers would be doing if they weren't furloughed by the government shutdown.

"These are our memorials. Do they think that we're just going to let them go to hell? No," Cox said to the radio station. "If they shut down our memorials, we're still going to take the trash out, we're going to clean the windows, we're going to cut the grass, we're going to pull the weeds, we're going to do the tree work."

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