Rail company spends millions on Noisette property on old Navy Base

NORTH CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - A multi-million dollar deal seals the fate of the old Navy Base, possibly bringing more business and neighborhoods.

Development of the area known as the Noisette property has stalled since getting started 11 years ago.

North Charleston Mayor Keith Summey is expecting the new deal to bring business for the future.

Peeling paint and boarded doors are all signs of old age on many of the buildings on the old Navy Base.

All that could soon change.

Palmetto Railways recently bought the remaining 50 acres of the Noisette property, spending 10 million dollars.

They plan on building an intermodal container transfer facility.

Mayor Summey said, "The largest portion of that area was always designated to be business."

The purchase includes: 7 Storehouse Row, 10 Storehouse Row, the old (original) Navy Hospital parcel, Quarters 762 and 763, the CMCI parcel and more than 6.3 acres on parcel 14.

Most of buildings were originally built in the 1930's and 10 Storehouse Row now serves a new purpose, housing offices.

The other buildings bought will be remodeled thanks to the deal with the railroad company.

Summey said, "The biggest thing is going to be job creation."

Mayor Summey says rail activity won't disturb the quality of living. A study is being done to keep industrial and residential areas separated, allowing people to walk from their homes to the Riverfront Park.

Summey said, "What you have to understand in North Charleston is we're accustomed to residential, commercial and industrial being associated with each other."

More businesses will lead the way for the city's plans.

New homes will be built and old ones are going to get remolded. Mayor Summey says the plan for the 108 year old Admiral's House is for it to be used as an attraction to the area.

"What we're looking at is creating a destination location for weddings, wedding receptions, events where people will have reunions and things like that," said Summey.

The mayor says for the community to be successful, the rail company, the city and businesses must work towards the same vision, giving the Navy Base a new purpose.

The Noisette project is a 30 year plan. It's already been going for about 11 years and it won't be done until around the year 2032.

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