Coastal Carolina Fair implements new security policies

CHARLESTON, SC (WCSC) - Those who plan on attending this year's Coastal Carolina Fair will have to abide by a couple new rules in an effort to enhance security.

Charleston County Sheriff's deputies will enforce a new ban on bookbags, backpacks, bags and coolers at the fair, which will be held October 31 through November 10. The ban was enacted by the Exchange Club of Charleston.

Deputies say patrons first be reminded of the new policy as they enter the parking lot, and again at the entrance gate. There will be no storage of prohibited items at the fair.

A new Lost Child Protocol will also be in place this year to help parents who may end up with a missing child.

All parents are being asked to take a picture of their child before entering the fair. That way, parents can show officials a current photo if their child wanders off.

The photo would then be sent out to deputies on the scene via text or email.

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