N. Charleston non-profit paying thousands out-of-pocket as shutdown continues

N. Charleston agency paying thousands out-of-pocket as shutdown continues

NORTH CHARLESTON (WCSC) - Family Services, a non-profit organization based in North Charleston, is footing a $20,000 bill for the federal government. The money is for its rental assistance program, which is usually funded by the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development or HUD.

"We tell HUD what we've spent, and then they reimburse us," explains David Geer, the executive director at Family Services. "So, that is what takes place, but we're not being reimbursed currently."

Geer says currently they are helping 45 people across the Lowcountry make rent. He says they have met their clients' needs for October.

Geer expects the government will reimburse Family Services after the shutdown ends, but he's not sure. He says the information coming out of HUD right now is extremely limited.

"We worry about what the plan is for the future, that is the most concerning. How do you plan? What happens? How long does the shutdown last? What happens after the shutdown?"

He says the non-profit is doing its part to have some impact in Washington.

"We have contacted the political officials in our area saying let's work this out, let's make a resolution, let's get something done, let's not prolong it, but we're a small voice sometimes, and so we're really concentrating on our clients."